Hi! I'm Natalie :)

As chief visionary and artist behind The Kookie Studio, I create artworks that explore the self - artworks that add a spark of joy to your walls and a lot of confidence to your life!

How it all started...

Growing up in an Asian-Australian family, I followed custom and completed an Accounting and Finance degree before entering the business world. As I slogged through various internships, I realised that I can, should and must make my own way in the world as the most expressive version of myself possible.

Why art?

I drive a hot pink car, but being the centre of attention Freaks. Me. Out. Creating art is as much a part of my own personal therapy and journey to confidence and self-love as it is about painting for others. It is my mission to inspire a community of explorers of the self and soul, who support each other as we grow and become who we are meant to be.

What inspires me...

I believe that when we show up in the world as the most authentic version of ourselves, we free others to do the same. Exploration, freedom, self-empowerment and joy are some of my strongest values, and are reflected in every piece I create!